Why Choose Us

Developed for Education

The tech2teach programme has been specifically developed to assist education with the ongoing budgetary constraints that senior leadership teams are facing across all areas.

DfE Leasing Guidance

What We Offer

Just some of the many benefits.


Access leading equipment today without the need for large capital outlay.

At the end of the initial period you can hand back the equipment, continue using the equipment and pay a rental, or refresh the equipment with the latest models.

Framework compliant – CPC Leasing Services Framework, DfE Deals for Schools


Frees up capital for essential purchases and building maintenance.

Provides you with the ability to add equipment at any time through a roadmap of change modelling costs to match your school’s available budget over a period that reflects your IT /AV strategy.

Payments set in line with budget availability


Compliant with current accounting standards

Compliant with ESFA funding rules

Checks and balances within the tech2teach programme ensure you never pay more than fair value for equipment

Recognise that circumstances change so we can model costs to match available budget over a period that reflects your IT /AV strategy


Enables total standardisation of teaching resource across single sites and Multi Academy Trusts

Keep up to date with change and innovation, through developing a fixed budgetary strategy for embracing and implementing new technology alongside your school improvement plan

Just bought new equipment with your capital budget, but now you need to find additional funds for an unexpected situation? No problem, we can buy the equipment from you, releasing your capital, and transfer it to a funded solution.

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