tech2teach is a branded name of Room Twelve Ltd.  We understand education and appreciate that compliant leasing solutions on their own are only part of the picture. We have actively sought to work with Framework providers to make working with us as simple as possible and provide both peace of mind and added value.
Room Twelve Ltd has been successfully awarded a place on all three lots of the Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC) Leasing Services Framework Agreement, and is an approved supplier of Everything ICT.

“Everything ICT” (formally Think IT) is an EU Tendered, ICT procurement framework. It was originally designed specifically with education in mind but has subsequently been widened to include all public sector in the UK.

Being EU tendered means it has to provide value for money.
The framework is signposted by the Department for Education as part of their “Deals for Schools” initiative.

There are over 50 of the best educational suppliers on the framework, all expert in their own area. There are 18 different categories that cover all aspects of ICT. That means it can help you set the strategy that’s right for you, make recommendations, and help you select the right suppliers (and make them work together); all under one simple-to-administer contract.

The big idea is to “make IT easy for schools”.

CPC are a purchasing consortium, owned and run by the FE sector. They provide their members (currently over 6,200) with specialist advice on best spending practices and how to obtain best value for money.

Their main purpose is to produce EU-tendered purchasing frameworks. CPC frameworks, of which there are currently 63, cover a wide variety of products and services, and their aim is to continue to develop this portfolio in line with their members’ needs.

The tech2teach programme can be accessed via

Lot 1: Operating Lease – ICT, High Tech and Telecommunications assets.

The CPC Leasing Services Framework has also been included on the DfE Deals for Schools website.

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